Q. What is an appointment with Dr. Doty like?

Your first appointment with Dr. Doty will usually last one hour. Dr. Doty works with clients locally, as well as nationally. The appointment will include reviewing a thorough written questionnaire regarding your health history, your health concerns and your lifestyle. Depending on your situation, Dr. Doty may recommend a series of laboratory tests to assess your current health and uncover any systemic imbalances. Follow-up appointments will review test results and discuss a plan for wellness.


Who can benefit from Homeopathic care?

A. The goal of naturopathic care is to prevent health problems before they begin. Additionally, naturopathic care can help all types of conditions. It is effective for many chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and pain, as well as fatigue, headaches and depression.

Q. I live in another state. How can you help me over the phone?
A. The traditional healthcare model is one in which you believe you must physically meet with a health professional in order to get help.  Although it is nice to see someone in person, it’s not necessary to help you with your health problem.

Since Dr. Doty does not diagnose disease, he’s more interested in your symptoms as a means of identifying the mechanism that is causing your current situation. All of the information he gathers about your health problem can be easily sent in an e-mail questionnaire. Once received, he will spend several hours reviewing it to gain a thorough understanding of your situation. Additionally, the physiological tests he will run will be done by labs in your area and the test results will be available to him on a secure server. 

The most important aspect of what Dr. Doty does is take the time to listen to you. You know your body better than anybody – if you don’t feel well even though lab tests say there is nothing wrong, then it is his responsibility as a health professional to find the mechanism that is causing the problem. And that process can only be done by taking the time to talk to you.

Q. Will my insurance cover the cost of testing?
A. The medical model is one of reaction. Typically the medical model waits until a disease presents then treats the symptoms with drugs.  In his practice, Dr. Doty takes a proactive approach of prevention. The tests Dr. Doty runs are outside of the standard of care which is typically used in the medical model. He is not looking for disease; instead, he looks for patterns of dysfunction which progress toward overt disease. Dr. Doty’s philosophy is to address the underlying dysfunction and avoid a pathological disease. Therefore, since the tests he runs are not going to lead to the prescribing of a drug, your health insurance may not cover the cost of these tests. Despite this, Dr. Doty recommends you work with your General Practicioner when ordering the labs.

Q. Is this program based on scientific data?
A. The system Dr. Doty utilizes in his practice is supported by more than 500 peer-reviewed studies performed by independent, non-biased research institutions, 10 years of clinical practice and the combined effort of thousands of health professionals across the globe. Being part of the Functional Medicine Community has given Dr. Doty a unique opportunity to spend time with health professionals who differ with the direction medicine is currently heading and who are taking an active part in returning healthcare to a place where people are helped rather than being medicated.  For more information on Functional Medicine visit: http://www.functionalmedicine.org/about/whatis.asp

Q. Why should I see Dr. Doty about taking herbs or supplements? Isn’t it easier to buy them and take them myself?
A. There’s a world of difference between the specific high-quality supplements your body needs, and the low-quality, “all-in-one” multivitamins you can find at the grocery store or health food store. As a naturopath, Dr. Doty has received extensive training in herbal and nutritional healing. He is knowledgeable about potentially harmful interactions and can help you assess the right supplements and the right dosage for your condition – today and as your needs change in the future. Would you trust your health to the young, inexperienced clerk in the vitamin aisle or an expert in the field of supplementation and nutrition?

Q. What can Dr. Doty provide that a medical doctor cannot?
A. A naturopath will look at you from a holistic perspective, seeking the underlying causes of your illness, rather than elimination of symptoms. Generally, you will spend more time with Dr. Doty exploring issues of lifestyle, personal history, exercise and diet than you would with your general physician. A naturopath will also search for the least intrusive methods of healing with the lowest risk of side effects. Dr. Doty encourages you to become a partner in your healthcare, actively making decisions to better your wellness.

Q. I’m also seeing a medical doctor. Should I tell the physicians about each other?
A. Yes, it’s very important that both Dr. Doty and your medical doctor are aware of the therapies you are receiving as well as any medications, herbs or natural supplements you are taking. Naturopaths are trained in herb/drug interactions and can help assure that any herbs or supplements you take are compatible with your medications.

Q. Will I have to change my diet and take supplements?
A. Yes. There is no way to fix your underlying dysfunction without changing your diet and supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for health. Every metabolic process taking place daily in your cells is driven and maintained by the use of nutritional elements - they're the only way to prevent disease.

The current education process in this country indoctrinates people into the belief that drugs can replace nutrients. If this were true, then why can’t you find drugs in the food you eat?  Let’s not forget that drugs are relatively new in human history. Penicillin was the first U.S. drug and was manufactured in 1938. 

Before that, the only drug was a sulfa drug manufactured in England in 1902.  Taking a look at human evolution – which spans roughly 4 million years – drugs have only been in our lives for a little more than 100 years. This is a blink of an eye in the history of human evolution. 

If you are ready to regain your health, then you must not abandon the very life-giving principles which have allowed us to evolve into the 21st Century.

Q. I am confused and frustrated. Conventional medicine says the opposite of natural health. I don’t know who to believe.
A. Trying to decide what to do when you have a health disorder can be very frustrating.  The basic question you have to ask is who do you listen to? Medical advice or alternative advice?  The answer is neither – until you have done your own research into the plusses and minuses of both types of treatment.

And even when you think you’ve exhausted all the research, it can still be overwhelming. What’s a person to do?  The single most important advice Dr. Doty can give you in this situation is to use common sense

Think about what someone is telling you, especially when it comes to putting drugs in your body. If drugs truly cure, then why does the U.S. health system cost Americans so much money?  If drugs truly cure, why do people continue to take drugs year after year? If drugs are the answer,why does one out of every two people develop either cancer or heart disease? 

Dr. Doty believes cure means you have regained your health, but what he sees on a daily basis is people getting worse and worse, being prescribed even more drugs. It’s extremely important you understand no doctor can cure you; only the human body has the capability to cure.You either facilitate the process of cure or you inhibit it. Drugs are suppressive therapy, not curative therapy.

It is also very important when trying to make a decision based on scientific research that you are actually using the right research.Often we believe that science has all the answers, however the majority of the research being conducted and published is being performed by the very companies who stand to make a profit on the use of that research.

Do you want to base your health on research that may be manipulated for profit? If you think this won’t happen, look at the Vioxx scandal. Following is the testimony of David Graham, MD, MPH, the man who blew the whistle on the Vioxx scandal. “Prior to approval of Vioxx, a study was performed by Merck named 090. This study found nearly a seven-fold increase in heart attack risk with low-dose Vioxx. The labeling at approval said nothing about heart attack risk.  In November, 2000, another Merck clinical trial named VIGOR found a five-fold increase in heart attack risk with high-dose Vioxx. The company said the drug was safe and that the comparison drug, Naproxen, was protective.” *

If you’re still not sure what to do, then compare the side effects of nutrients vs. drugs. The bottom line: there are virtually no safety standards to drugs. People take drugs believing they are safe because they don’t understand the fraudulent science being used to market the drugs.  Unfortunately, people question natural health because they have faith in a lie and often don’t realize it. 
* Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2005/03/02/david-graham-testimonial.aspx

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